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Outstanding in the Field at North Arm Farm

In Pemberton, BC there exists a place so beautiful it just begs to be shared. North Arm Farm is a family run business that was started by Jordan and Trish Sturdy in 1995. Since then, it has been developed into forty five acres of vegetables and fruit. One July morning, we made the trek from our home in Seattle to their farm in Pemberton. What ensued was an evening of stunning food, inspiring conversations and endless beauty. My only wish is that this farm was located closer to Seattle because I would like to spend as much time as possible in this idyllic setting. 

Outstanding in the Field at Hama Hama Oysters

There is something utterly romantic about taking a mid week break from every day life, boarding a ferry and heading to a beautiful place to have a wonderful meal. Outstanding in the Field isn't about just food, it is about bringing people from all walks of life together. I really relished the opportunity to have an evening set aside to meet the makers, break bread with the farmers and celebrate some of the best things in life.

Wolf in the Fog

Some times you eat and other times you feast. Our recent anniversary dinner at Wolf in the Fog in Tofino was definitely the latter. Aside from the jaw dropping scenery from the top deck, the friendly and attentive staff and innovative dishes being pumped out of the kitchen Wolf in the Fog is a place whose food lingers in your mind. From the Potato Crusted Oyster to the Bamfield Seaweed Salad to the Moroccan Spiced Octopus to the Shellfish and Chicken Laksa each dish was a delight to all senses. 

Duck Soup Inn

At the end of an unassuming gravel road on San Juan Island there exists a place unlike anywhere else. A quiet, unpretentious place which delights your sense, satisfies your belly, sparks your creativity and challenges you to rethink how you present food at your own home.  Duck Soup Inn is home to Kyle Nicholson, an amazing chef, who is known throughout the island and beyond as a food pioneer. Before taking the reigns at Duck Soup Inn Kyle has been the Executive Chef at the Friday Harbor House. After meeting Kyle I was impressed by his quiet strength and his calm presence. Throughout the island he is thought of as a creative force and I firmly believe he is on his way to making Duck Soup Inn a destination.  

Picking our way through Summer

Jasper is just as crazy about eating berries as I am, so we have made an agreement to pick as many berries as humanly possible this Summer. So far we went strawberry picking twice, raspberry picking once and now blueberry picking twice. Jasper and I both love to be outside and it would not feel like Summer without spending ample time in the sunshine popping warm berries into our mouths. Picking berries will always be something I remember fondly from my own childhood and being able to carry on that tradition with my own child is pretty special.  

Friday Harbor Farmer's Market

One of my favorite things to do when I am visiting a place is to attend the local Farmer's market. Not only is it a good way to get a sense of the local cuisine, and interact with locals, but also gives you an opportunity to sample some local food you might not be able to try any other way. On our visit to Friday Harbor's Farmer's Market we were able to try our very first barbecued oyster which resulted in a subsequent trip to Wescott Bay Oyster Farm, sampled some of the first raspberries of the season and picked up some beet and radish seeds to fill the space in our garden once we pulled out the peas. In reality, I wanted to try almost everything and all the color and variety of the market made me very excited for the bounty which we call Summer.

The Commons

While visiting Woodinville the other week we stumbled upon this lovely brunch spot called The Commons. As soon as we stepped foot into this bustling space I was in love. From the light and bright interior to the piles of pastries under large glass domes, this spot is well appointed in every way. Once our food came we were delighted with an explosion of flavors. Although this place is a little out of our normal routine, it is definitely the type of place worth visiting again and again.

Sweet Peaks

While in Whitefish I had the opportunity to spend some time with the owners of Sweet Peaks, Marissa and Sam. I met them at their Whitefish shop early one morning and were greeted by six smiling faces (five of which comprised their family and one employee). After spending just moments with them I was immediately impressed by their friendliness and teamwork. In my opinion you can tell a lot about a couple by how they interact with their children and Marissa and Sam seem to be equally adored by them. Aside from their great personalities and adorable family Marissa and Sam are serving up some killer ice cream; from salty caramel and chocolate love to strawberry sorbet and honey cinnamon their flavors are intense, but not overpowering and the creaminess of their ice cream is unparalleled. My morning spent with Marissa and Sam was a good reminder of the type of people I like my money to support and reinforced my belief in the importance of both eating and shopping locally. 

Snoqualmie Falls

Some days the weather is crazy here. One minute it is pouring rain, the next sunshine and then wait another minute and a strong gust of wind will hit you in the face. Sporadic pretty much summed up the weather this past weekend which repeatedly shut down Snoqualmie Pass and halted our plans for a Saturday of snowshoeing. As a last minute change of plans we decided to spend an afternoon exploring closer to home by hiking down to Snoqualmie Falls followed by brunch at the Salish Lodge. The trail down to the falls is only one mile round trip so it is an easy hike even for little ones.  


This Summer, we have tried our best to take advantage of what has seemed like endless glorious weather. A couple weekends back we spent the entire day hiking the 11.5 miles to Pratt Lake. Aside from the air being hazy from all the fires in the North Cascades, it was a wonderful day spent together as a family up in the mountains. I have to give my husband major kudos because he not only hiked, but carried Jasper on his back almost the entire way. Since Pratt Lake is such a long hike it deters a lot of people. As a result, we found ourselves alone most of the time on the trail. It was a scenic hike where we passed through several different types of landscapes and encountered endless types of terrain. It was a beautiful hike, albeit long and one I am eager to do again as an overnight adventure. 

South Lake Union Block Party

Each Summer South Lake Union puts on a Summer Block Party. The highlight of the event is always the Seattle Met Burger Competition. Although I am not a huge red meat person, every now and again I crave a delicious hamburger. For $15 you are able to try five delicious sliders from five local restaurants and walk away with not only a full stomach, but an adorable little tote bag. Summer is that time of year we really try to savor in Seattle and with all this fantastic weather there has been ample time spent outside enjoying these long days and warm Summer breeze. 

Note: The South Lake Union Block Party typically occurs the second Friday in August. 

Snoqualmie Ice Cream Social

Every Summer we like to invite our friends over for an Ice Cream Social. It is the perfect party to host in the Summer because it is a simple party to put together. Based upon the decor, guest list and food offered, it can be as elaborate or laid back a party as you desire. Although we always host our Ice Cream Social in our backyard, the party could easily be held at a park, or inside if the weather does not cooperate. This year for our Ice Cream Social we served one of our favorite locally made ice creams- Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

Living in Seattle, we are spoiled to be surrounded not only by water, but fresh seafood galore. I realize this might be a novelty for many, but for us it is a common occurrence to enjoy a meal water side. One of our favorite places to go for happy hour on a Friday evening is Anthony's Homeport in Shilshoe Bay. Our chosen place to eat is out on their back deck which provides beautiful views and delicious food. A few of our favorite happy hour eats are their mussels and frites and their hamburger. They also offer a Sunset Supper where for $21.95 you can enjoy a four course dinner before 6pm. 

Strawberry Picking at Harvold's Berry Farm

This time of year I always look forward to going strawberry picking at Harvold's Berry Farm. This year, I was especially looking forward to taking Jasper on his first trip berry picking.  Even though Jasper was too little to pick any berries he made an evasive maneuver while we were getting our photo taken and snagged his very own berry to eat. Picking strawberries can be back breaking work, but those delicious berries are well worth the effort. It also makes you realize just how subpar those grocery store strawberries can be. I appreciate knowing where my food came from and I hope that one day Jasper likes picking berries as much as I did as a child. 

Note: Due to the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing all of the berries are 2-3 weeks early this year. 

Easter Part Two

On the actual day of Easter my mother was under the weather, so we just celebrated Easter as a family this past weekend. By postponing the festivities it was a good reminder how without my mother, the holidays are pretty much just another day of the year. Each holiday she works tirelessly to pull off a delicious meal, a beautiful table setting and the perfect gifts. And if you are lucky enough to be our little family than all that is required of us is to show up. Over the years I have come to understand and appreciate just how much effort, planning and work goes into these events. I am grateful for the traditions she has established in her home and for the role model she is to me and our children. The greatest lesson she continues to silently teach me is to work hard for the ones you love and expect nothing in return. 

Shake Shake Shake

There is this burger place I have wanted to visit for awhile called Shake Shake Shake, so the other day we took a little jaunt down to Tacoma for the day. Although it has only been around since 2013, the restaurant has a retro feel to it as if its been around for decades. The menu is pretty basic: burgers, fries and drinks, but the best item on the menu in my opinion are their shakes. I ordered the Nutella while Cameron ordered the Peanut Butter Chocolate. Shake Shake Shake has an awesome color palette of turquoise, orange and white and a gigantic light up sign over the dining area which reads "EAT". Shake Shake Shake would be the perfect place to take your children to for a special treat or a fun little day trip from Seattle. In the end, we were stuffed and Jasper was mighty pleased to sit and chomp on his hand. A good day for everyone!

Valentine Cookie Decorating Party

This we held a Cookie Decorating Party at my church. Once a month we gather as women to learn, socialize, serve and sometimes just have fun. This month it was all about sugar, sprinkles and love. Aside from decorating cookies each women was given a name tag and assigned a number. Then each women was asked to write an anonymous compliment about all the other women present. At the end of the evening each women was able to take home a stack of compliments about herself.