A little bit about Lisette.....

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I feel most alive surrounded by trees and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

When I am not working you will most likely find me spending time outdoors, volunteering with my church and exploring this beautiful planet with my family. 

This is my place to share my passion for life and to encourage you to take time to find the extraordinary in your life.

Urban Adventures: Walking Across I-90 Bridge

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, what a perfect day to walk across the I-90 bridge. Oddly enough, this is something I have wanted to do for awhile. Having lived here as long as we have, we have visited just about every nook and cranny of this fine city....so walking across this bridge was yet to be done.
One of the best parts, is very few people actually walk across. Most people ride bicycles across, so accept for the occasional bike whizzing by we had the place to ourselves.
It is an odd sensation walking across a major interstate bridge you have driven across so many times. When you walk across it, it seems to go on forever, but when you drive across it is over in mere minutes.
Yes, we were the two goof balls snapping photos on the side of the bridge. I wonder if anyone we knew saw us.......

After our long walk, we happened upon a large lonely field which just begged to be enjoyed.

Dinner and a kayak