A little bit about Lisette.....

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I feel most alive surrounded by trees and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

When I am not working you will most likely find me spending time outdoors, volunteering with my church and exploring this beautiful planet with my family. 

This is my place to share my passion for life and to encourage you to take time to find the extraordinary in your life.

The more birthdays the merrier

I have made it a tradition of throwing a little party for Cameron's birthday the past several years. We not only embark on a long stretch without too many birthdays around here, but I like to take the opportunity to exhibit my appreciation for having him in my life. While making the invite list I noticed that several of the attendees either will have or have just had their birthday. I thought it would be fun to celebrate all the birthdays with a rousing round of happy birthday and the cake. Here I present five wonderful people, five birthdays and one great excuse to get together.

Happy birthday Mr. Extraordinary!!

Day trippers