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A staycation at the Palladian

A staycation at the Palladian

I have recently learned the joys associated with a staycation. I used to think in order for it to be considered a "real" vacation it needed to include a plan ride or a long drive. Now, especially as a parent to a small child; I understand vacations in a broader sense. A vacation can consist of a day or two away and all that needs to occur is a break from your normal routine. Basically, it is the adult equivalent to a child getting a day off from school and really just a good excuse to play hooky. A few days ago, my husband and I packed a small suitcase, sent our sweet little boy off to Grandma's and Grandpa's and for a couple days and enjoyed the perks of hotel living at The Palladian and being a tourist in our own town. 

So often amongst the hustle and bustle of our days there are books we would like to read, restaurants we would like to try and movies we would like to see, but in the end those things take a back seat to more pressing matters. During our staycation at The Palladian there were leisurely meals shared, books read, date nights planned, long walks through downtown with no particular destination in mind, baths taken and we even snuck in a movie. As a parent it is often easy to focus a majority of your attention on your child instead of each other. The smaller they are the more urgent their every need feels. Meals, naps, laundry, schedules seem to dominate the better part of ones day. The most important thing which came out of our stay was how we were able to feel recharged without the expense, planning or time to take a "real" vacation.  During our staycation we were able to enjoy one another's company and be reminded of just how much fun we have when it is just the two of us. 

We spent a majority of our time either at The Palladian or in the surrounding areas. Our one bedroom suite had a separate living and sleeping area which was divided by two large wooden sliding doors. We thoroughly enjoyed these separate spaces which made it feel more like we were staying in a friend's downtown urban loft than a hotel room. Our corner room faced west and offered views of the Puget Sound with ferries, boats and seaplanes periodically cruising by in the distance. 

The Palladian is located in the perfect spot, nestled between the downtown core and Pike Place Market. One drizzly morning, I grabbed an umbrella and made my way down to the Olympic Sculpture Park, followed by a walk along the waterfront, a trip to Pike Place Market and an hour of shopping in the downtown core. During my walk, I had found so many interesting nooks and crannies of Seattle I did not return to the hotel until lunchtime overloaded with flowers, produce, treats and a picnic lunch. 

If you love Pike Place Market but not the crowds an early morning walk through the market is your best bet. You can enjoy all the freshness of the market without the lines and tired, cranky vendors. One of favorite simple weeknight dinners is to pick up some fresh mussels or crab from the market, the ingredients for a salad, a baguette from Le Panier and of course a pastry or two for dessert. Whenever I visit the market I cannot resist the fresh flowers and on this particular rainy, gray day the cheeriness of the tulips made my heart skip a beat. 

With so many wonderful restaurants located mere blocks from The Palladian it was a simple task to put together such a delicious picnic lunch. Tom Douglas, a Seattle icon, has a variety of stellar restaurants nearby. The soup and fresh sandwich were from his bakery called Dahlia Bakery, and the croissant and chocolate cake were from Le Panier one of my favorite spots in Pike Place Market.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, a place to rejuvenate or a fun way to mix up your everyday life than The Palladian is the perfect spot. You will leave feeling recharged and realize just how much fun there is to be had in the city you call home. 

Food recommendations: 

Breakfast: Le Panier, and Ellenos

Lunch: Beecher's Handmade CheeseDahlia Bakery and Le Pichet

Dinner: Loulay, Pink Door and Serious Pie.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Palladian.  All opinions stated here are my own and I was under no obligation to write anything other than my personal experience. I will never write about anything I did not enjoy or find to be a valuable experience. 

Rainy mornings at the Seattle Aquarium

Rainy mornings at the Seattle Aquarium

Ebey's Landing

Ebey's Landing