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Outstanding in the Field at North Arm Farm

Outstanding in the Field at North Arm Farm

In Pemberton, BC there exists a place so beautiful it just begs to be shared. North Arm Farm is a family run business that was started by Jordan and Trish Sturdy in 1995. Since then, it has been developed into forty five acres of vegetables and fruit. One July morning, we made the trek from our home in Seattle to their farm in Pemberton. What ensued was an evening of stunning food, inspiring conversations and endless beauty. My only wish is that this farm was located closer to Seattle because I would like to spend as much time as possible in this idyllic setting. 

North Arm Farm was bursting with color, texture and flavor. As far as my eye could see there was a beautiful flower or pretty vignette to look upon. The entire evening, I was secretly scheming a reason to host an event here myself. 

Before dinner, we were fortunate to have a farm tour led by Jordan. He was warm, funny, and as genuine as they come. During our time together, he told of how his life took a few interesting turns to get him to where he is today.

The Outstanding in the Field team produced another stunning table with a gorgeous mountain back drop and a tasty runner of fresh vegetables and dips. 

Jordan and Trish welcoming the dinner guests to their farm. 

These were just one of the appetizers and quite possibly the tastiest and prettiest taco I have ever eaten. 

These vegetables, crackers, dips and breads could have easily made an entire meal, but this was just the starter. 

Walking the fields while learning a little bit about farming from Jordan. 

These dinner could not be possible without the amazing work of hard working chefs and the entire Outstanding in the Field team.  

Grilled peaches make for a sweet addition to our starter. Such an ingenious spin on the classic caprese salad. 

Each guest was as interesting and inspiring in their own way. There was the couple who had quit their jobs, sold their house and were headed out on a cross country adventure across America. There was the mother who yearned so badly for her daughter to be able to have a child and the Labor and Delivery nurse who witnessed the joys and heartaches of life on a daily basis. Aside from the food and stunning venues, it is the strangers whose lives briefly intertwine with ours who make the evening memorable. 

Once again, Dry soda kept all of us non drinkers well taken care of throughout the night.  

Jim Denevan, founder of Outstanding in the Field and host extraordinaire interacting with guests throughout the evening. 

The salmon was delicious as well as stunning. 

The beef was tender and full of flavor. 


The beet salad was an explosion of color and flavor and the potatoes were a nice side to the proteins. 

North Arm Farm produces an enormous blueberry called the Duke which was then turned into a blueberry tart as our final dish. 

At the end of the night, my stomach was full and my heart was happy to have spent time at this glorious place. I am grateful for the hardworking, dedicated people at Outstanding in the Field for bringing people like myself to beautiful venues and working hard to highlight each places unique features. 

This post was sponsored by Outstanding in the Field

All opinions stated here are my own and I was under no obligation to write anything other than my personal experience. I will never write about anything I did not enjoy or find to be a valuable experience. 

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