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Weekend at Rosario Resort

Weekend at Rosario Resort

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to spend a few days at Rosario Resort. Several months ago I was asked to attend and photograph the Rioja Wine Dinner as part of a series they have been hosting over the past couple of months. I had never visited Rosario Resort before, but from the moment I stepped onto the property I could sense I was in a for a real treat.

If you don't mind finicky weather, traveling during the month of March is amazing. The crowds are non existent and you can enjoy all the coziness the resort has to offer like water views from your bedside, warm fireplaces and steaming cups of hot cocoa. You don't have to jockey for a table with a view or plan too far ahead to get a spa reservation. The less than stellar weather allows one permission to slow down. It is hard to feel the same urgency to get outside when it is raining like when it is sunny.

In my opinion, the magic of the San Juan Islands is best felt when the clouds sink down low and there is a constant pitter patter of rain on your window. One of my favorite memories from the weekend was walking around the property in my rain boots with an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other. There is nothing which makes me feel more like a kid than splashing around in my shiny red rain boots. 

The main reason for my trip to Orcas Island was the Rioja Wine Dinner, but there is so much more to explore on Orcas than a weekend could possibly hold. The evening started out with tapas on the Mansion's veranda followed by a five course meal with wine pairings in the Dining Room. I was fortunate to sit at the winemaker's table which allowed me to learn more about wine than I never knew before. I was fascinated to watch the passion of the attendees and happy to see no matter where you live these kind of events create a sense of community for those in attendance. 

Executive Chef, Raymond Southern preparing tapas. At the beginning of the evening we were welcomed by Chef Southern who taught us a little about the history and origin of tapas and then walked us through the five course meal we were about to have. If you have never attended an intimate dinner hosted by a chef you really must add it to your list of "things to do" in your lifetime. Hearing others speak from a place of knowledge and excitement is something I never tire of. 

Christina, the pastry chef hard at work. One of my favorite features of her work area was the "Chocolate only" shelf. I was interested in learning she not only makes the desserts at the restaurant, but also makes homemade hamburger buns and other things you might not think of. 

A window into the pastry kitchen. 

Prepping plates to go out is a team effort at Rosario Resort. The kitchen was a fast paced environment, but also efficient and organized. 

Everyone had their role in the kitchen and it was a good reminder of how we can all play a small part in creating a greater good. 

During our visit we had a combination of rain, snow and sunshine. On our last morning, we woke up to snow dusted mountains. 

The Roundhouse Suite. 

I am excited to return to Rosario Resort and check it out during another season. If you are interested in heading to Rosario Resort in the next couple of weeks you can take advantage of their last dinner, a Lebanese Dinner in their Wine Dinner Series or participate in their Lunchtime Cooking Class Series and have a rare opportunity to be taught by Executive Chef Southern.  

This post was sponsored by Rosario Resort & Spa

All opinions stated here are my own and I was under no obligation to write anything other than my personal experience. I will never write about anything I did not enjoy or find to be a valuable experience.

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