All in Nature

Last hike to Snow Lake before the snow

We always like to get in one last hike to Snow Lake before the inevitable mud, slush and then snow arrive. We were fortunate to have planned it just right as we headed out on the last dry Saturday in October. This October has been the wettest EVER recorded in the history of Seattle. For awhile, we thought we might tie with 1947, but in the end we shattered the previous rain fall record and then went on to set a new one. One of my favorite parts of Fall is the usual Indian Summer in September followed by cool, crisp days in October.  This year there was not a lot of that. Instead, it was wet, wet, and wet.

Sailing Lessons with Lake Union Charters & Adventures

On a cloudy, overcast day we met Captain Ron on the shore of Lake Union to take part in our very first sailing lesson. Many companies start their sailing lessons in the classroom, but Lake Union Charters and Adventures likes to get you out on the water and operating the boat immediately. I was little intimidated at the thought of sailing my own boat, but Captain Ron was patient, relaxed and fostered a non judgmental environment for learning.