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Maligne Canyon: Jasper National Park

The Maligne Canyon is a natural feature located in Jasper National Park. In some parts this canyon is 160 feet tall. Walking along this canyon is the perfect activity for kids and could occupy them for a couple of hours exploring. There are waterfalls, streams, plants and birds galore. 

An afternoon at Horseshoe Lake: Jasper National Park

While visiting Jasper National Park our days consisted of hiking, exploring, and hanging out lakeside. In Washington state, you have to really work to visit most alpine lakes. The shortest distance you typically have to hike to these alpine lakes is three miles each way. However, in Jasper National Park there are breathtaking lakes literally a stone's throw from the main highway. In a matter of ten or twenty minutes you could be feasting your eyes on glorious scenery without another care in the world. Oh, Jasper National Park you continue to steal my heart again and again with these breathtaking lakes. 

Athabasca Falls: Jasper National Park

One of the "must sees" in Jasper National Park is Athabasca Falls. We have seen a lot of waterfalls over the years and are not easily impressed. We approached the falls with a fair amount of skepticism, but were pleasantly surprised by just how stunning they were. Picture milky blue water cascading down moss covered quartzite and limestone.

Jasper National Park

Watching an animal in its natural habitat is truly one of the most thrilling experiences while being outdoors. From the squeal of marmots or pikas to watching elk, moose or big horn sheep The thrill of seeing an animal is never lost on me.