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A birthday celebration in the North Cascades

The North Cascades are my happy place. The moment I set foot in that valley or hike through those mountains I feel calm and at peace. It is the place I look most forward to visiting year after year and the place I most often find myself day dreaming about.  When Cameron mentioned he wanted to go there for his birthday this past month I was eager for the day of our trip to arrive. Unfortunately, good health has alluded us so far this year so Cameron had the privilege of celebrating his birthday instead with two "sickies".

My top three cozy weekend getaways

As I type, the rain is falling hard outside my window. One moment it goes from sudden downpour, to a drizzle, and then a sprinkle and back to another downpour. As a Seattleite who has experienced her fair share of rainy days, it should be known we have lots of different names for the type of rain falling outside our window. As I think about the upcoming months, it would be easy to hunker down at home for the next several months, but I have recently discovered it is more exhilarating and relaxing to head away for a weekend or two to hang at someone else's home. 

A wet and windy weekend at Earthbox Inn

On a wet and windy Thursday we took the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor. The weather forecasters were calling for a "storm of the century" that weekend and we weren't exactly sure what to expect. Several years ago I heard the expression "there is no such thing as bad weather, only improper clothing". As a born and breed Pacific Northwesterner I try to stick to that as my mantra and not let the weather interfere with my plans. If we made it a point to stay inside on inclement weather days not only would we be missing out on a whole slew of adventures, but we would be missing out on the quintessential moodiness which is so integral to the PNW. 

New Leaf Cafe

When we visit Orcas Island eating dinner at New Leaf Cafe is always at the top of our list. The food never disappoints, the presentation is always beautiful and the flavors are memorable. Whether it be a salad, an entree or a dessert, each item holds its own and leaves a lasting impression in your mind and on your taste buds. As most of you already know, my family and I are big fans of traveling during the off season. Easy to come by dinner reservations are just one of our favorite things about a slower season.

Our annual fall trip to the North Cascades

Each year in honor of Asher's birthday, we spend a long weekend in to the North Cascades. It is hard to put into words what a special place this has become for our little family, but the first word which comes to mind is refuge. Aside from the jaw dropping views and overall detachment from the outside world, it has become a place where we can remember and yet continue to make lasting memories together as a family.