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TreeHouse Point

TreeHouse Point


(Temple of the Blue Moon pictured above)

Sleeping high among the tree tops might sound like something straight out of a fairy tale, but with a forty minute drive from Seattle this dream can turn into a reality at TreeHouse Point. Six unique tree houses dot the mossy and fern laden property in Fall City, WA. There are tree houses which are accessed by ladder, suspension bridge and winding staircase. Each treehouse has an individual character, which would provide six unique experiences. 


(Bonbibi pictured above)

Although TreeHouse Point is an overnight retreat destination, for $15 per person they offer one hour tours to the public a couple times a week. This rare opportunity allows you to see the tree houses firsthand and really determine which treehouse best suits your individual style and needs. 


Stepping inside each tree houses is really something you have to experience firsthand. Photographs and descriptions just don't do them justice. Nest is cozy and intimate while Trillium offers a two story experience with a sitting room below and the sleeping area accessed via a ladder above. When we were first married we lived in apartment which had a loft you accessed via a ladder. For me there is something incredibly nostalgic about climbing an indoor ladder, which made me partial to Trillium.


TreeHouse Point is an overnight retreat property specializing in calm, relaxing, and even romantic getaways. As such there is a unique "No children under 13 yrs old policy" for their guests. This policy allows guests to book with confidence that there will be no children running around the property disturbing the serenity at any time. However, children are more than welcome to visit on a tour and check out all the neat aspects of the tree houses. 

A breakdown of the six tree houses for you:

Burl is accessed via a long suspension bridge and has a separate sitting and sleeping area. The sleeping area is accessed via a ladder. Burl has a great location and is set back away from all the other trees houses near the river.  

Nest is the treehouse located closest to the parking lot and main lodge. Nest has a small balcony off the bedroom. 

Trillium is aesthetically my personal favorite. You reach the treehouse via a long winding staircase, and is the treehouse with the most natural light. There is a sitting area downstairs and a sleeping area accessed via ladder. 

Upper Pond is the only treehouse accessed via a ladder. Upper Pond has a couple bunk beds and accommodates the largest amount of people. This is the treehouse you want if you have a group of friends who want experience the trees together. Upper Pond could comfortably fit four people.

Bonbibi is cute and cozy and the smallest of all the tree houses. 

Temple of the Blue Moon is located right above the river and is the most private treehouse on the property. It is a little more spacious than the others and is accessed via a suspension bridge. 


(Trillium's winding staircase pictured above)


Interior shot of Burl sleeping area.


Interior shot of Nest treehouse. 


The river running through the property at TreeHouse Point. 

Treehouse Point is the ideal location for a weekend getaway in the mountains. It is close to many of my favorite hiking trails, Snoqualmie Falls and endless natural beauty. Spending the night in a treehouse is a remarkable experience and one I do not think you would ever forget. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions stated here are my own and I was under no obligation to write anything other than my personal experience. I will never write about anything I did not enjoy or find to be a valuable experience. 

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