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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I feel most alive surrounded by trees and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

When I am not working you will most likely find me spending time outdoors, volunteering with my church and exploring this beautiful planet with my family. 

This is my place to share my passion for life and to encourage you to take time to find the extraordinary in your life.

Gender Reveal Party details

Gender Reveal Party details

I wanted to make our Gender Reveal party special without going over the top on budget or time, so decided to focus my attention on a few key elements to make the event fun and memorable for guest and ourselves alike. 


First, I asked each guest to come either dressed in pink or blue to indicate whether they thought we were having a boy or a girl. Cameron and I also took part by wearing a combination of pink and blue for the party. This was a fun and easy element to add to the party and took little to no time to execute. For those guests who forgot to wear pink or blue I had little baby diaper pins for them to put on to represent their guess. As you can see, just like last time most of our guests thought we were going to have a girl. Surprise, it's a boy!

Next, I used pink and blue as the theme of the party. I tried to limit my decor to these two colors and even created little treat boxes of candy topped with tiny buttons for the guests to take home. 

For the menu, I kept it simple and light. I made homemade brownies, smore cookies, fruit skewers, chips, carrots and mini pulled pork sliders. I also made an assortment of homemade lemonades by infusing simple syrup with mint, basil and lavender. The lemonades seemed to be a big hit!


For a fun little game we created an Old Wives Tales Gender Predicting Chart. All you need is a large chalkboard and chalk or a large piece of paper and pens. Cameron went through each question and I honestly answered what my experience had been with this baby. The old wives were pretty accurate because most on the questions my answers pointed to boy. 

As a little memento from the event I had each guest write down a wish for our baby. For this I hand dipped pieces of white card stock in either pink or blue food coloring and then punched a whole at the top and tied some pink or blue ribbon on them. After the party we had the best time reading all the sweet and thoughtful things the guests wrote to both us and our baby. 

Throwing little parties like this to celebrate fun milestones in our lives has proven to be a great reminder of how many people are cheering for us and our daily successes. We are well loved and this party was a great reminder of that. 

Remembering my Grandma

Remembering my Grandma

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