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Kidbox (Part One)

Kidbox (Part One)

When you are a child, a box is not just a box. A box can be a boat, a car, a ramp, a coloring book and can provide hours upon hours of fun. Especially, when you are a toddler you are more interested in the box that comes in the mail rather than what comes inside. So when our Kidbox Back to School box arrived I was excited about the clothes inside and Jasper was excited about the box. 

Jasper loves to be involved in whatever I am doing. So he was happy to help open up the box and quickly wadded up all the tissue paper for me. (the print was so cute, he probably knew I wanted to save it and decided to save me the trouble)

The best part of Kidbox aside from avoiding the crowded malls and trying to coerce your unwilling child into trying on clothes is that every time you purchase a Kidbox, they will donate new clothes to a kid who needs it. Pretty awesome, right? Kidbox is one of the easiest and best ways I have found to start a conversation with your kid about social good.

Included in our box of goodies was this wonderful little newsletter called The Scribble in addition to some fun alphabet stickers. The Scribble has interesting and inspiring articles which will provide you with many teaching moments. Even though Jasper cannot read yet, I appreciate literature directed at kids, but isn't dumbed down for kids. I like opportunities where both Jasper and I can stop and think about something together (even if he keeps most of his opinions to himself for the time being). One of my favorites articles this time was "How to be a world citizen" I really like the idea of a child, although growing up as the center of your universe to know they are a small, but important part of a bigger world. 

The thing which struck me when I opened up my Kidbox was how thoughtfully prepared and organized the whole experience was. At the top of our Back to School box there was a welcome letter to Kidbox in addition to a list of what pieces are included in our box. From the time you receive your box you are given seven days to try on the clothing and send back whichever pieces you do not like or need to exchange for a different size. The prepaid envelope is included in your box and the whole process could not be simpler. After seven days your credit card will only be charged for the items you decide to keep. 

And now for the entertaining part where Jasper plays with his Kidbox for a solid hour! 

Down, and down the cars went. One after the other. And then the train wanted to get in on the action. 

A car ramp is a whole lot more fun when it is decorated with bright streaks of color. 

Next week, in our Kidbox (Part Two) Jasper will be modeling all his new Back to School pieces from Kidbox. Jasper has a jam packed Fall schedule of library visits, play dates, grocery shopping and rock throwing he wants to look good for. 

This post was sponsored by Kidbox

All opinions stated here are my own and I was under no obligation to write anything other than my personal experience. I will never write about anything I did not enjoy or find to be a valuable experience. 

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