A little bit about Lisette.....

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I feel most alive surrounded by trees and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

When I am not working you will most likely find me spending time outdoors, volunteering with my church and exploring this beautiful planet with my family. 

This is my place to share my passion for life and to encourage you to take time to find the extraordinary in your life.

DIY Holiday Yarn Wreath

I like to keep my Christmas decor pretty traditional. I decorate with lots of red, green, white and plenty of sparkle. This year I was inspired by a wreath I saw on my cousin's blog. I wanted to create some holiday cheer for our bedroom, but I wanted it to match our pink and green bedding. I decided I could make a christmas yarn wreath to match my bedding. 
$1.10 and thirty minutes later I had the perfect holiday wreath for our bedroom. The only supply I did not have on hand was the plumbing insulation foam. I was able to pick this up at my local hardware store and since it was six feet long, it was long enough to create two wreath forms. Not bad for a quick little craft project.
 Supplies: duct tape, scissors, yarn, foam plumbing insulation.
 Any of kind of yarn may be used, but I liked the large chunky kind I had on hand.

Wonder Woman Party

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